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Lisa Szkatulski

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“Background in advertising, spirituality, and travel. I'm media-ready, articulate, and high energy - I love banter and meeting new people!”

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About Me


I've been in advertising for nearly 20 years... officiated 4 weddings... traveled 24 countries... navigated relationships, chronic illness (PCOS / autoimmune), and complicated family dynamics. I'm comfortable talking about travel, trauma, sex, plant medicine, advertising, culture, spirituality, horror movies, or just about anything else with a good vibe.

I'm in the crossover space between Joseph Campbell, Anthony Bourdain, Brené Brown, Esther Perel, and Eben Britton.

My resume ends with the claim, "tell me something you're into, and I'll give you three new things to check out." I've done a little bit of everything on the path to prove myself to myself, and these days I'm single, 41, tattooed, traveling, working, building - with great friends and some good stories that I'm happy to share.

Excited to explore this platform and meet some new folks!

xo, lisa

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Profile artwork for Lisa Szkatulski
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