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“People seek out, author, speaker, transition coach, and trainer, Linda Deir … wanting to learn what her true story, GUIDED teaches.”

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About Me

From early childhood, I experienced something most people missed. I realized I was being “guided,” guided by my Spirit Guide Angels. Now, in my true-life story GUIDED, I share what I learned and, most importantly, how I learned it.

Harnessing the guidance I received throughout childhood, paid off in my adult life. Without any formal education, heeding the guidance that served me so well throughout childhood, by age 19, I became an unstoppable serial entrepreneur of businesses that were completely unrelated to each other. People always wondered how I did it.

People wanted to learn what GUIDED teaches – the way guidance works in their lives came the GUIDED JOURNEY, an 8-year project that I finished November 2021, is the path to get them there. It's a "self-directed counseling service of spiritual awakenings and unexpected psychology - spiritual solutions for mental welllness." The Guided Journey is a free gift for your podcast audience where they will remember who they are and why they're here. It's fun and easy to use.

You have help . . . you are never alone . . . and always being guided, Linda Deir

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Profile artwork for Linda Deir
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