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“Wellness, Business, and Self-Improvement topics. Coach & contributor @ globally acclaimed high authority sites, willing to cross promote.”

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About Me

Leslie Chen is the Founder, Weight Loss Coach, and Wellness Coach of Rise Lean and the Creator of Lean Instinct Formula™. With 8 years of client success, she's specialized in helping people end food obsession while gaining the best body and confidence they can have. Besides, she built her business from scratch and have done 3 different ventures.


I'll answer from two angles — 1. as a wellness coach for Health and Lifestyle related podcasts; 2. as an entrepreneur, innovator, and small business owner for Business and Self-Improvement related podcasts.

As a wellness coach:

Leslie teaches people real self-mastery of their weight and eating patterns with powerful strategies and tools from Asia. They've been widely proven throughout history. And with their natural, built-in instinct restored, her clients are able to experience authentic, spontaneous weight loss and food freedom BEFORE learning the secrets behind. She helps them LIVE wellness as soon as they start vs Learning how to experience it first then hoping for it, and this immediately helps them remove the dieter's patterns, mindset, and lifestyle.

Example of exciting topics Leslie can bring to the conversation:

  • Why being lean and healthy is actually instinct vs. a hard-earned trophy.
  • How Asians do it — being lean while doing everything western diets forbid; for example, eating tons of carbs, not going to the gym, not counting or watching calories.
  • Why the CICO diet theory isn't scientific at all (backed up by science).
  • The keys to moving past food addiction. 
  • How to immediately get in control in front of craving impulses. 
  • Her "Teassert" Technique to mute sugar cravings in seconds.
  • How to break free from self-limiting beliefs — especially those formed in early life experience.
  • How to stop being controlled by thoughts.
  • One essential skill to give your children that can help them build intuitive eating ability growing up. 

As an entrepreneur, business owner, innovator, and self-starter:

Being a foreigner, mom, and a non-native English speaker, Leslie overcame a series of natural challenges when she entered the business game. She's a rebel. When she was 19, she left China for the US alone — planned and executed everything herself w/o her family knowing it until weeks before her departure. She first did 3 biz ventures of very different natures after leaving her 9-5 job at one of world's top consulting firms. Failed but learned a ton every time, which contributed to 8 years of business success and client success of Rise Lean.

Leslie can share valuable lessons on business and self-actualization. Examples:

  • Her own experience of overcoming fears as foreigner and a non-native speaker
  • Her own experience of quitting 9-5 and starting her own business.
  • Why it matters to have a unique brand story — and she overcame the fear of being unique and even strange
  • How she gained her spouse' buy-in when going all in.
  • How she's been teaching her daughter to be entrepreneurial.
  • What keeps her motivated in high and low.

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Profile artwork for Leslie Chen
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