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Leke Asong

“Hello, My name is Leke. I am a practising NHS GP, Functional Medicine Doctor and Wellness Consultant.”


About Me


My name is Leke.

I am a practising NHS GP, Functional Medicine Doctor and Wellness Consultant. 

For years I suffered from poor gut and overall health.

I saw the best specialists in their various fields but was told everything was normal-None had the answer.

On starting GP training, I quickly realised there were many patients in my position who were suffering despite having normal blood tests and scans.

That's when I was convinced conventional medicine did not have all the answers, mainly concerning chronic disease.

This set me on a relentless journey not only to fix my health but also the health of my patients.

Along my journey, I discovered functional medicine, a science-based model that seeks to find the root cause of disease.

In the end, I fixed my gut and overall health.

To share what I learned and help NHS patients, I wrote the book titled How To Stay Ahead of Your Doctor and Influence Your Health. (Available on Amazon)

I also launched Gut Health Medic,( an online website to help patients with difficult-to-treat gut and related disorders.

I also have an online course called the Optimal Health Prescription Program designed for busy professionals to supercharge their health and tackle the stresses of modern life.

Apart from medicine, I have numerous interests:

I am also an inventor, with products mainly in the kitchen space.

I managed to secure a licensing deal a few years ago but the deal fell through.

I am still working on licensing more of my products.

I love music, and listen to anything from opera, to Timba (Cuban salsa).

I also play guitar and keyboards and love cooking too!

Thank you!


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Profile artwork for Leke Asong
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