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“A Trauma & Relationship Specialist that's leading a movement to help you find love without the triggers of your past getting in the way”

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About Me

Laura Patricia Martin is the founder of the Healing to Happy Brand. She is known for her unique approach to activating you to clear trauma & find freedom in mind, body, soul, & relationships 

But this is not where her story began…⁣

After battling her way through loss, eating disorders, addictions, domestic violence, and toxic relationship patterns, Laura found herself desiring a massive shift in her life and knew there had to be something more to these “self-sabotaging” ways. She dove into nutrition in 2016 but that didn't resolve the health issues so followed up her studies by specializing in gut health and ultimately found her way to specializing in Trauma and Relationships.

It was a journey of evolution and growth but since the creation of Healing to Happy in 2017, Laura has gone to help hundreds of women around the globe heal their minds & bodies using methods that focus on nervous system regulation, heart-centered leadership, and feminine energetics. 

By understanding that her “self-sabotage” was only her nervous system’s way of self-protecting and taking the right steps in the right order at the right time, Laura’s shift is a testament to her work and teachings that now serve women all around the globe!⁣

Her revolutionary teachings are taking the world by storm.⁣

I encourage everyone to follow her and be transformed through her insights.

It isn’t possible to describe this woman accurately in a short biography.⁣⁣

But it is our wish to ignite that fire within you. To inspire and motivate beautiful young women, like yourself, about the potential growth our bodies could have when given the right tools. ⁣

She will make you feel, she will help you evolve, she will inspire you to soar. ⁣

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Profile artwork for Laura Martin
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