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Laura Hartley

Australia English

“Founder of an online school for changemakers. Detoxing from capitalism, patriarchy and supremacy culture. Cultural Wayfinding.”

Climate Change Political & Social Issues Feminism Society & Culture Spirituality Social Sciences Non-profit Equality Sustainability Black Lives Matter

About Me

I'm an activist, coach and founder of Public LovED, an online school for changemakers.

My intention is to empower changemakers, activists & entrepreneurs to radically reimagine the world, creating the conditions for social healing, collective thriving & liberation.

I focus on the "inner work" of social change: think personal development with a systems and political lens.

I approach ideas of "change" and "goodness" from the personal versus the political, but also the ways in which our ideas of "good" get co-opted to protect the status quo.

I'm fascinated by ways we have internalised culture and systems around us, and what it means to get free and remake the world.

Conversations can be structured around:

  • Healing burnout cycles & culture (note I take a systems & political lens to this)
  • Internalised capitalism, and detoxing from patriarchy
  • Cultural Wayfinding: culture detoxing, and making meaning through apocalypse
  • Power: how to claim it, wield it and get comfortable using it
  • Embodiment, mindfulness & somatics
  • Eco-anxiety & climate emotions
  • Community, purpose & politics as embodied spirituality

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Profile artwork for Laura Hartley
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