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“Because we work with people from all walks of life who need a Soulful reboot. We help people Live in their NOW! Knowing they are enough.”

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James: Sexually abused as a child, Dealt drugs, went on the run, went to prison, moved abroad, started a family, lost a child, lost my soul, and then found it again. Started helping people with cancer 8 years ago, Now! I am here.

Harry: Started my Businesses at 21, Lived the life of an entrepreneur at 23, Found drugs at 25, met stress at 25, had a breakdown at 25, Introduced to meditation at 27, then got arrested 3 times in 18 months, NOW! At 30 my Spiritual journey started.

Together: Met at London Bridge Fitness First, working as Personal trainers, Hazza looked up to me back then as I am 6 years older than Haz. Although thousands of miles apart for many years we stayed connected, and after over 10 years I started coaching James, and thank god ya did mate. Being coached by Haz started me on a journey that changed my life. And now James coaches me just as much as I coach him. And this is the beautiful importance of Coaching.

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Profile artwork for Lads Talk Health LTH
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