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“Triathlon Coach with a Radical Level of Body Inclusivity”

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About Me

Kyla Lupo is a USA Triathlon certified coach with a Masters in Education from George Washington University. She brings years of experience in coaching people in a variety of situations, including triathlon. Want to know about her athlete stuff? She represented Team USA at the 2019 ITU Multisport Championships in Pontevedra, Spain as an age-group Long Course Aquabiker. Kyla is a nationally ranked Age Group short course triathlete and finished second in the Athena division at the Illinois 2018 Triathlon Championships. In 2019 Kyla qualified for the Short Course Age Group National Championships that are held in 2021. 

Wanna know about her coaching stuff? She believes that anyone can tri in the body they have right now and works with athletes on a personal level to overcome their fear and doubts while getting fit and ready for the start line. Actively advocating for a radical level of body acceptance in sport and society, Kyla leads a team of people of all shapes and sizes that can be found at

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