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Koen Geron

Netherlands English, Dutch, Flemish

“Founder of Hovalo. A unique company that does Online Dating Management. 300k+ followers across Tiktok/Instagram/YT/LinkedIn.”

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About Me

I switched from affiliate marketing to creating a company called Hovalo. Hovalo does online dating management. This means we take over the dating profiles of our clients (mostly entrepreneurs and professionals) and do everything from A to Z. We edit their profiles and do the texting for them.

Through our extensive experience with texting and online dating we're able to give some insights on how the market works and about the things that don't work.

I love to talk with people and offer value to them so that's why I'd love to come on your podcast! As you can see on my Instagram/ Tiktok/ Youtube I own a good microphone and camera since I find production quality to be important.

Dating Talking Points

  • How money got involved in finding love
  • Biggest mistakes people make with online dating that stop them from finding true love
  • How to find your soulmate in 2022
  • How dopamine ruins your love life

Business Talking Points

  • Finding the right marketing channel with a unique product
  • Challenges of bootstrapping a service-based business
  • The lessons learned from having affiliate websites and applying them to something completely new.

Sharing the podcast:

  • I'd love to make 2-6 shorts that I can post across my channels that have in total 300k+ followers.
  • If you are active in the dating market I'd love to take a look at your profile and help you out!
  • If you think your followers would benefit from it I could give away some free profile reviews to help them out.

Thanks for reading through all of this and hope to talk to you soon!

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Profile artwork for Koen Geron
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