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Kim Becker

“I hope to inspire others with my story. I work everyday restoring the beauty that cancer steals in women battling cancer.”


About Me

Kim Becker is a motivational and inspirational speaker and an award-winning author of two books about beauty, cancer and the amazing scope of the human spirit. Kim is a dynamic communicator with an incredible story of faith, hope and service to others, and the Co-Founder of Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE, Inc., a non-profit organization that restores the beauty that cancer steals.

Kim has been a business owner and national educator for more than 30 years. Through her many experiences in the for-profit and non-profit business worlds, Kim has become a business woman, fundraiser, event planner, educator, public speaker, Podcast host and the face of Hello Gorgeous! Kim received the Mom`s Choice Award for her first book, “Hello Gorgeous!: A Journey of Faith, Love and Hope”. Kim received the 2011 Spirit of Women award, the American Cancer Society 2014 Coaches Verses Cancer Inspirational Award, she received the prestigious George H. W. Bush, Points of Light award in 2015 and in 2019 Kim received the Shero Award from Zeta Phi Beta Society.

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Profile artwork for Kim Becker
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