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Katie Bradford Osborne

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“I'm the founder & curator of the 1st virtual art gallery for women artists, neurodivergent homeschooling mompreneur, and woman on a mission.”

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About Me

I am an artist, mother, curator, teacher, and the founder of Roaring Artist Gallery, a virtual exhibition space and growing platform designed to showcase, empower and support women-identifying artists and collectors in the male-dominated art world.

Roaring Artist Gallery was started in September of 2020, born amidst the pandemic out of the desire to support female friends and colleagues who were losing their gallery shows and representation.

In the last 15 years, in addition to the gallery, I have produced pop-up gallery exhibitions, created professional organizations to provide education and community for other female artists across the US, and channeled my knowledge of business and art into becoming a creative brand consultant and mentor, while continuing to grow my own artistic practice- and homeschooling my now-middle school daughter.

I am passionate about my role in the world as a champion for women artists, women in general, and my own daughter!

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Profile artwork for Katie Bradford Osborne
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