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Katherine Lazaruk

“I'm a professional presence accelerator, helping professionals, leaders and changemakers get where they want to go, faster.”


About Me

I've been in the professional presence business for more than a decade and have always struggled with the conflict between 'don't judge a book by its cover' and the fact that your image matters. As an image consultant who hates shopping, I'm a bit of an outlier in my field - I'm far more interested in the psychological impact of expressing yourself through the way you look, act, and speak than I am about the external results, though my clients' results speak for themselves - from promotions, career changes, business success, increased confidence and clarity to the simple joy of feeling at home in their own skin.

More than anything, I feel that living my life as I do is a walking permission slip for others to do the same - whether I'm singing, writing and publishing long stories in short poems, enjoying life or helping others, I do what I like with people I like and that level of freedom is incredible.

My clients aren't broken - they're people who have been underestimated, overlooked and neglected. They're independent scrappers who could get to their goals on their own, but just need a bit of accelerant to get there faster.

My philosophy is "Whole Person, Whole Presence", meaning that you can't be fully present, fully expressed or fully seen unless you know yourself well and can help others know you too. I firmly believe that helping people become the best possible version of themselves is one of the greatest things I can do to create change in the world and I definitely want to see change in my lifetime.

I'm happy to answer questions, am totally transparent and completely straightforward. If you want an entertaining conversation and a lively guest, I'll be a good fit for your show.

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Profile artwork for Katherine Lazaruk
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