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“I'm an entertaining visual artist & former sound engineer. I have a crazy family life & successful art business. Let's talk!”

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About Me

My name is Karlana Pedersen. I am a Mixed-Media Artist, photographer & Digital Illustrator. I am the owner of Karlana Pedersen Visual Art. I specialize in contemporary, acrylic abstract, mixed-media original art, digital illustrations, and fine art photography.

I am wife to a wonderful husband of almost 30 years, we have three talented and wonderful kids. I now operate my art business entirely from home as a result of the pandemic. In addition to my art business and family at home, I co-produced and broadcasted a livestream podcast for almost a year prior to our production going on hiatus.

I create art everyday, I pray everyday and I give thanks everyday. I enjoy spending time with my kids and family. Through the ups and downs, I have learned a lot about flexibility in business and in family life and what it really means to be happy and healthy.

I can speak about: Working in the visual arts and performing arts. Working as one of only three female sound engineers, and the only African American female sound engineer in the US during my tenure. Pivoting business models during a pandemic (from Nikon Pro Photographer to mixed-media acrylic artist) and becoming fully "online sustainable" during COVID that has benefited my business post-pandemic. I can also discuss my current marketing strategy and content creation workflows for creative businesses. Let's talk about anything from entrepreneur to artist, to stay at home mom, or anything in between.

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Profile artwork for Karlana Pedersen
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