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Karan Talati

“CEO & Co-founder of First Resonance - now powering over 40 manufacturing leaders like eVTOLs, rocket launches, spacecraft, and more.”


About Me

Karan Talati is the CEO and Co-Founder of First Resonance, which has raised $20 million in capital since its founding in 2018. First Resonance builds a Factory OS for the aerospace, automotive, and robotics industries and now powers over 40 leading manufacturers. These companies are leaders in cutting-edge products like eVTOLs (air taxis), rockets, electric boats, and robotic construction products. Karan built his company in collaboration with the world’s best engineers from companies like SpaceX, Tesla, and Apple, and he is saving his clients countless hours and dollars with their innovative, flexible, and data-driven approach to modern manufacturing. 

Karan created First Resonance after gaining valuable insight on the future from working at SpaceX. With his team at First Resonance, Karan has created the ION Factory OS, which optimizes manufacturing efficiency by 30% with the ability to build, iterate, and track processes throughout a dynamic factory workflow. Karan strives to make technology faster and more accessible, while revolutionizing the current systems at play. Beyond work, he maintains a witty Twitter presence with thousands of followers and a viral tweet with 12K retweets and 90K likes.

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Profile artwork for Karan Talati
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