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Kacie Walters

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“Coach for middle managers to balance their team, their boss and themselves”

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About Me

I coach middle managers and professionals on how to navigate their workplaces. With so much change, ambiguity and pressure, middle managers feel the tug o' war every day between the needs of their teams, the demands of their bosses, and the desire to practice self-care. I help professionals figure out how to practically give feedback, think about their careers, maximize their time and handle stress and pressure.

I recently wrote my first book: Succeed from the Middle: A middle manager's guide to stop being pulled apart and start balancing your team, your boss and you. Focused on the four topics above, I share my best stories of what works, what doesn't, and what is worth trying. I don't have fancy frameworks to share, but I believe in helping through storytelling, and I have a lot of stories!

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Profile artwork for Kacie Walters
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