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Juan Campoo

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“A seasoned transformational coach and behavioral expert who developed a personal mastery model that is changing lives around the world.”

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About Me

Hi, my name is Juan Campoo,

I coach and train people around the world in the art and science of personal mastery and transformation, through the development of mental, emotional and social skills.

In the last +10 years, I've had the honor to coach, train and teach to more than 10.000 people, either 1-on-1, in groups, and through online courses, which makes me a proven expert in what it takes for your listeners to transform the way they see and experience themselves, others, and their lives.

I am passionate about (and experienced in) mindset and behavior change, both in the personal sphere and in business. Whether you have a podcast or lead an organization, I will leave your audiences full of insights, motivation, confidence and tools to make a meaningful impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. I do this through my ability to connect, powerful questioning, and my unique point of view.

What do I do? I basically help people transform the way their minds work, finally overcoming all that excessive thinking and negative feelings that take away their energy and peace of mind. The result is always the same: life becomes easier and much more enjoyable, and they start living from a place of authenticity, freedom, fulfillment, and positive impact.

What I am currently busy with:

Some of my trainings and certifications:

  • Cultural Transformation through Values, 2020
  • DISC Behavioral Preferences, 2019
  • Workplace Motivators, 2019
  • Krauthammer University Certified Trainer, 2018
  • Corporate Development through Coaching, 2017
  • International Coaching Certification, 2016
  • Team Coaching, 2016
  • NLP Master Coach, 2015
  • Motivational Coaching, 2014
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence Coaching, 2014
  • Yoga Teacher, 2013
  • Life Coaching, 2012

In this link(tree) you can find links to my website, all Social Media, and some resources. 

I look forward to be your guest in your podcast, and make a positive impact in your listeners' lives.

Some of the possible topics:

Mindset, emotional freedom, wellbeing, personal mastery /development, personal leadership, influencing, management, communication, self-empowerment, motivation, confidence, purpose, spirituality, authenticity, values-driven life, purpose-driven life, conscious living.

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