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Joy Pereira

“I speak about building live shows & podcast content that creates an engaged audience & the process & tech to build your visibility online.”


About Me

With over 20 years of production experience on professional stages and as a Stage Manager at the prestigious Sydney Opera House, Joy has worked with and witnessed the biggest artists and thought leaders in the world, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Joy's has a passion for podcasting and a deep understanding of how to truly engage an audience, She knows how to tailor conversations to your podcast in an exciting, authentic, and conversational way and believes in sincere dialogues that build a synergy and stretches listeners - providing a dynamic and enriching experience.

Joy's love for helping others find their voice and be more seen digitally to drive business, shines through in her work. She can speak to the glitz and glamour of the performance world, creating authentic and purposeful content online, working with teams, creative leadership, and hitting deadlines, and share insights on how to craft a truly exceptional show.

Her fierce pursuit of original ideas and her ability to cultivate and maintain them independently make her a unique guest who can inspire your listeners to embrace their creativity. She speaks to content creation using AI and other digital tools that preserves ethics and amplifies genuine human bred creativity.

As the host of the podcast "Nerds of Joy," Joy showcases leaders and creative entrepreneurs at the top of their field, demonstrating her commitment to educating audiences through engaging conversations. Having put together shows for major events, including TEDx, Joy understands the power of a well-crafted conversation and knows precisely what makes one truly exceptional (and what makes one boring!).

If you're looking for a guest who will drive optimism, educate your audience, and fearlessly embraces imperfection, Joy Pereira is the perfect choice. Her captivating voice, wealth of experience, and genuine desire to connect with others will leave a lasting impact on your listeners.

Don't miss the opportunity to bring Joy on your podcast. Get in touch today and embark on an extraordinary auditory journey that will leave your audience inspired to take action.

Reach out for a quick preliminary conversation to see if we are a good fit at [email protected] or leave a message on matchmaker.

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Profile artwork for Joy Pereira
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