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Jonathan McLernon

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“Expert Emotional Eating Coach (lost 100lbs) Passionate about behavioral psychology, brain-driven weight loss, entrepreneurship & mentorship”

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About Me

I've got an extremely diverse background, from nanotechnology research chemist (University of Victoria), to Navy marine Engineer (Canada), to globetrotting nomad (45 countries on 5 continents), to powerline technician, to Nutrition and Supplement store owner, and currently an Online Nutrition coach as well as mentor to new coaches building their business from the ground up. I'm Precision Nutrition Level 2 certified, along with a degree in Chemistry and Marketing Psychology.

I've survived an attempted murder (nearly beaten to death in South Africa) as well as losing my life savings in a failed business venture, and rebuilt myself from the ground up. I've lost and kept off over 100lbs after many failed attempts. I used to suffer from multiple anxiety episodes per day, and now I have less than 2 notable episodes per year, after some dramatic lifestyle changes.

I'm also a new dad, learning how to manage running a business, keeping a 15 year international marriage going, and figuring out how to raise a little human 


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Profile artwork for Jonathan McLernon
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