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Johnerick Rubis

“Hey guys I'm Jonnyroobs. I got my own podcast: Twenty400 Block. Looking for guests. I can be a guest on yours too. Let's talk about anything”


About Me

I would love to guest on anyone's podcast program and be a part of something great. Hoping you can be on mine's as well. I have a vibrant personality and I'm easy to get along with in a nutshell. I'm all in for listening as well as sharing my two cents. Most importantly, I'll make it as fundamental and easy for anyone to understand when they're listening. If anyone want to book me on their podcast or would like to be a part of mine's (Twenty400 Block Podcast), feel free to message me. I can work around my schedule during the afternoon or early evening hours. Looking forward to the fun!

Profile artwork for Johnerick Rubis
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