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Joey & Frances Couture

“We run a campervan rental company out of Calgary, AB to share the authentic van life experience that we enjoyed (before it was a hashtag!)”


About Me

Joey - Mountaineer, scuba diving instructor, globe-trotter yoga enthusiast and founder

Joey began this company as a travel enthusiast who chased outdoorsy experiences and activities around the world. For more than a decade he explored the corners of the globe. Actually, his passion for exploration drove him to hike on almost all continents.

Several years ago, he settled down in Calgary near Banff, Alberta where he could practise all his favourite sports. RV Rental became the way he explored remote locations and wonderful landscapes in the comfort of his home. 

He had so much fun using campervan rentals that he decided to share his passion and knowledge with all travellers by creating his own RV rental company that will include everything–to the smallest details.

 Frances - Hiker, photography fanatic and our marketing “department”

Joey introduced Frances to van life in 2017. She has since fallen in love with campervans as a laid-back way to enjoy quality time together in the mountains (quite comfortably she would add).

Hiking in Kananaskis, driving down Highway 40, and sitting atop the rocky mountain peaks has always had a special place in Frances’ heart.

Her photography hobby lends itself to the area considering the number of photographic spots (seriously, photographers – get out your cameras!) And, ultimately, discovering the hundreds of world class hikes and scrambles is where she feels the most connected with life and love. 


Joey and Frances have a wealth of knowledge to offer travellers and are delighted to share it. One of us grew up in Calgary and knows the local secrets; the other moved to Calgary more than a decade ago and explored every corner of the province. 

SO, we know the places to visit in Calgary and the surrounding area. We are active, outdoorsy individuals familiar with the city and the neighbouring mountain ranges. 

From our family to yours, we genuinely wish you the outdoor adventure of a lifetime with memories you cherish together forever. And, if your upcoming trip is solo, we hope you find happiness in the present moment and clarity in life’s tough questions. 

Chat with us

We're happy to discuss mountains, hiking, travel (including sustainable travel), camper van conversions, Canadian winters and basically anything else where nature and tourism connect.

Nous serions heureux d'interviewer en français aussi!

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Profile artwork for Joey & Frances Couture
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