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“Bisexual badass with a disability who's quppy AF, full of great info & can talk to anybody anywhere”

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About Me

I've been in constant back and nerve pain since I was 15, and dealing with mental health issues for just as long. Despite these challenges, I've spent more than a dozen years working in journalism and communications, publishing articles and photographs in alt-weeklies, newspapers and magazine outlets like Maxim, MAKE Magazine and VICE motherboard, where the first story I wrote went internationally viral. I also have written multiple pieces for Popular Science, including one first person feature about a back surgery I had featuring some new technology. (See these and other best clips here.)

I'm also involved in advocacy work, volunteering as a deputy with the Parking Mobility program, and running a private online chronic pain support group. As Communications Specialist for the US Pain Foundation, I write and edit the INvisible Project magazine as well as other copywriting, social media and communications work. I'm also on our "Disparity Solutions Advisory Board" where I try to help make our resources more accessible for other LGBTQ+ people out there in pain.

Now I blog about life with chronic pain at, discussing everything from disability in Star Trek to personal stories of things I've been through to what exactly to say to your doctor to get the healthcare you need.

I spent four years in college as an on-air DJ for WRCT 88.3, where I was told I have "NPR voice," and since graduating, have been interviewed by everyone from Playboy Radio to Irish Public Radio. I would love to discuss pain, media, politics, life, the universe, and everything on your podcast.

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Profile artwork for Janet Jay
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