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“Creating science education for the 21st Century. And maybe saving the world in the process.”

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About Me

Learn how science education is our best chance to save the human race, and why the human race is about to make our greatest advances in millions of years.

"With generative artificial intelligence and 3D environments, technology can now simulate any environment we can imagine. Flying above a distant exoplanet as they explore, learning from a customized computerized guide, provides a vastly more immersive experience than sitting in a concrete building,” explains Maynard.

Children typically don't need to go to a gym to exercise – the play in which they naturally participate provides all the workout they need. Their purpose is not usually to build muscle or improve heart health – it is simply to have fun. A healthy body is simply a side effect of children enjoying themselves.

Maynard aims to bring that same advantage to people of all ages – even if they never knew they wanted to learn science. Bringing (even more!) fun to science through lighthearted, enjoyable videos and 3D environments, Maynard immerses learning in humor, pop culture, and history.

The Cosmic Companion w/ James Maynard, published each Tuesday, features friendly dinner-table conversations with some of the greatest scientists, authors, and developers around the world. Past guests have included Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kathy Sullivan (the first American woman to walk in space), and world-renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle.

Maynard makes a convincing case that the next great step in human evolution is imminent – as a trio of cathartic changes, driven by science, will change our species forever. This change, as dramatic as our distant hominid ancestors coming down out of the trees, is already beginning to unfold.

We, as a species, stand teetering at the precipice of multiple potential disasters. Salvation through science is also not only possible – but nearly inevitable – should we survive the next few decades.

Ask me:

Why do you call a lack of science education "the lynchpin of social problems?"

How do we break down barriers to science education?

What is the next step in human evolution, and what will it look like?"

"What role does technology play in the great societal changes headed our way?"

"How could institutions which have been around for hundreds or thousands of years suddenly crumble in a few decades?

"What happens on the other side of this great nexus of events?"

Learn why. Contact me anytime!

– James

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Profile artwork for James Maynard
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