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Jack Watson

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“Digital Nomad, Membership Manager for an Author Community, Copy Writer”

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About Me


I've been a digital nomad for the last year living in my camper-van. I drove all the way to Armenia and now I'm on the way back to the UK for a family wedding before get on the road to Africa.

I work as a membership manager for the Author Marketing Group, so have a good understanding of this world and the problems faced by authors. In the past I've worked in sales in the construction industry and also for the Labour Party as a communications agent, during the Brexit referendum, Jeremy Corbyn's tenure and a general election.

The other stuff of note are I've been through extensive talk therapy to help me better handle my emotions (depression & anger mainly) and I've been veggie for 6 years.

I'm happy to discuss, travel, mental health, politics, pretty much anything to be honest. I love to talk and build relationships, so drop me a message and lets see if we have the chemistry to make a podcast work!

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Profile artwork for Jack Watson
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