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“Expert in Natural Health Care, Genetics, Biochemistry, Mental Health and Nutrition.”

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I have a degree in natural sciences and a doctorate in chiropractic medicine as well as certification in functional medicine. I am the originator of Wholistic Kinesiology®, Wholistic Methylation and MyHappyGenes, I hold certification in Kinesionics, Touch for Health and Brain Gym and have been trained in Educational Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine and the Brimhall Technique. I have been a health care provider since 1988, My patients include Olympic athletes, film stars, and CEO’s of multinational corporations. I teach Wholistic Methylation® across the country and am a lecturer for various supplement companies in the United States and abroad.  In addition, I am a published author of 2 books, Wholistic Kinesiology and Perfect Health in Paradise.

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