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Ibrahim Dar

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“Guaranteed to make your guests say "thank you for booking Ibrahim."”

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About Me

The Man

Dubbed ‘the motivational Machiavelli‘ by The Milestone Mag, Ibrahim’s approach to personal development is ruthlessly pragmatic and thoroughly practical. His style of deconstructing and tackling problems from a practical perspective has propelled his daily email blast, Ibrahim in your Inbox, into the ‘Top 20 Most-Engaging Newsletters’ list compiled by the Impact Tribune.

The Book

His book, ‘Charm Like a Narcissist,’ has been translated into 7 languages and distributed in over 45 countries. It has found its way into several international reading lists and is discussed, cited, and studied in classrooms and student book clubs in 18 universities. It is among the top 1% best-performing ebooks on kindle and the top 10% short self-help paperbacks on Amazon.

The Topic

Dar is available to talk about how you can cultivate personal magnetism, charm at first sight, and be effortlessly charismatic. Right after listening to an episode featuring Ibrahim, your audience will feel more confident, have some actionable strategies to implement, and be grateful for the value you brought to them.

Questions Worth Asking Ibrahim

You may ask these questions regarding charisma and Ibrahim's book Charm Like A Narcissist.

  • What's the one thing anyone can do to be more charming?
  • What is charisma? Can anyone be charismatic?
  • How can one use charm to improve their income and business success?

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Profile artwork for Ibrahim Dar
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