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“We have created the first patented liquid egg alternative & are on a mission to remove all the unnecessary animal protein in the food chain.”

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About Me

I am the founder of OGGS, the plant-based food company that has one clear mission; to create positive change in the world by reducing our environmental impact through the food we eat, stop animal cruelty by removing them from our food chain and bring people together through the love of what makes them the same, no different; their love of food.

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years because I thought I could create genuine change on a macro level, I found that the way people were treated in these environments wasn’t conducive to having a positive impact, nor to my own well-being. I set up my own consultancy because I wanted to show people that there is an alternative to running a business with an iron fist. 

Yet it wasn’t until I evolved from a meat eater to a vegan that my view on the world fundamentally shifted. Whilst I had always had great compassion for people and the planet, I have been taken-a-back by my shift in compassion for all living things. 

At a time when people are moving towards more environmentally friendly and high animal welfare choices, what we don’t see are the hidden animals in the food chain. It was my search for vegan foods that highlighted the extent of the problem to me: the extensive use of animal protein within foods as a gelling and binding agent, adding little if any nutritional content or flavour. From the milk powder in crisps to barn eggs in packaged cakes, reducing our meat consumption really is just the tip of the iceberg.

I realised there must be another way to produce these foods to the same standard and in a sustainable way, by swapping out animal protein for plants.

It is from this sentiment that we built OGGS®.

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Profile artwork for Hannah Carter
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