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Halle Eavelyn

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“Halle is a Transformational Coach, speaker, and writer who helps people break out of their old patterns so they can live their best lives.”

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About Me

I was an atheist until I went to Egypt the first time, and then, literally, my life changed in one breath. And that’s the truth – we are all one breath away from enlightenment; the question is: Which breath?

So I knew if I could get you to a place of letting go, of releasing the resistance and the tight hold you have on the controls of your life (that thing that our egos tell us is the only thing keeping us sane), you could get on the path of your own best journey in your business and your life.

When I first started using the tools I had been taught on my own “seeker’s quest,” I began to be guided in that work, too. It’s like your soul talks to my soul and tells me what to say that gives you the most transformation. For a long time, I didn’t fully trust that guidance, because (perhaps like you) I’m so logical, and I want to be able to SEE it to believe it, but it’s become second nature to me now, so I no longer question how, I am just fully in gratitude that I hear the answers you need to shift. However we work together, I’m looking forward to sharing the next part of your journey with you.

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Profile artwork for Halle Eavelyn
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