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Greg Rabidoux

“I will help you draw in more listeners, attract more sponsors, and help entertain and inform your audience. Plus, I am fun to talk with.”


About Me

I am an award-winning documentary filmmaker, best-selling author, and highly trained and experienced in politics, film, and policy. My most recent book is "The Insatiable Dragon: How China took control of Hollywood-A Cautionary Tale." My most recent film is "Stolen Babies of Spain," and we just completed work on a new documentary film title "Letters to the Pope: One Man's Quest for the Truth." Both films deal with criminal networks in Spain and around the world in baby stealing, illegal adoptions and sex trafficking and the role and cover-up by the Church. I did my film directing training at NYU Film and the New York Film Academy, I also have a Ph.D in politics and a JD. When not making films or writing, I teach as an adjunct at CCU in film studies and the politics and persuasion of film. I will bring your show value by being highly knowledgeable, professional, engaging and entertaining. I am easy to talk with, easy to work with, and fun. It's your show, I am there to discuss things we mutually care about but I know my role-help you shine and help the show be even more successful.

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Profile artwork for Greg Rabidoux
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