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“I talk about how to become a robotics champion, AI technology in automation, future trends, and why robotics is important today!”

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About Me

It all started when my friend from Toastmasters moved to London, and then invited me to be a guest on her company's podcast. I had forgotten how fun it was to be part of the interview process! I delivered in depth, expert knowledge in the areas of robotics and industrial automation. As a result, both of our respective brands benefitted immensely. You can find that first podcast transcript and link here:

Since first posting this profile, I have appeared as guest speaker on several video interviews. You can find these video interviews here:

I would love to be the subject matter expert for robotics, industrial automation, or engineering technology of the future on your next podcast!

My talking points include:

-What it's like to be in the robotics industry today

-My journey to becoming an electrical engineer

-Why we are seeing an increase in industrial robotic arm deployments year over year

-Robots vs Humans... specifically the benefits of robotics, the advantages of being human, and how we can utilize robotics as a tool

-Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset... specifically, my journey to the growth mindset and why it is so important

-Collaborative Robots vs Industrial Robots... what's the difference, which one is right for you, and some tricks on how to get collaborative behavior with the addition of the right machine safety devices

-Who should be using robots... get ready to learn that it can be anyone thanks to touchscreen technology

-What type of applications involve robotics... get ready to talk about the Four D's and learn about how to identify "low-hanging fruits" applications

-Answering the Question: Are Robots Taking Our Jobs? Answer: Robots do not replace people. Robots replace tasks.

-Why companies need Robotics Champions

If you've read this far, and you are nodding your head yes, let's schedule a preliminary discussion! I like to do these so I can learn your delivery style and speaking cadence, and we can make sure we are a good fit for each other.

You can send me a message on this MatchMaker platform.


You can send me a message on LinkedIn:

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