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“Wake-up everyone, let's stop rewarding bad construction or buying homes that were poorly built. Don't make it your problem.”

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About Me

I am a former weatherman and TV reporter turned documentary filmmaker who has covered countless stories about people who lost everything in disasters. My documentary film The Last House Standing explores the fact that most people think catastrophic destruction will never happen to them. Once it does, people are shocked to find they didn't have the right type of insurance or had no insurance. I am a great guest to talk about resilient building, preparing for potential disasters, and what factors you should consider when deciding where to live.

I started a podcast last year called Tell Us How to Make It Better, Every week I interview someone who has identified a problem, and is doing something to try and make it better.

I use an Electro Voice RE20 mic to capture quality sound, and am comfortable discussing anything you throw at me.

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Profile artwork for George Siegal
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