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Garima Nabh

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“Garima is a teacher, blogger, scientist, podcast host and an aspiring author”

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About Me

Garima Nabh is a teacher, blogger, scientist, podcast host and aspiring author.

She has taught science in primary and secondary schools for the past five years. Her interest in science since the teenage years made her to become a teacher. Nabh also has a blog called New Age Life where she posts articles on various topics such as health, lifestyle and writes book reviews. She initially started it as a hobby but has now become a part of her writing career.

After participating in a podcast, she was inspired to start her own podcast which was given the same name as her blog, New Age Life with Garima Nabh. She has interviewed professionals from different walks of life; authors, mental health specialists and business people.

She’s currently planning on furthering her education. Apart from blog writing, she’s also an author. Being an avid reader of novels, she’s working on a few novels in different genres.

Garima’s goal in life is to spread the knowledge of science. She also enjoys associating with people and trying to equip you with stories that are both entertaining and useful to keep you healthy, happy and live your dreams.

In her spare time she enjoys cooking (without burning the food!), sewing and watching movies on Netflix with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 

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Profile artwork for Garima Nabh
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