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Fouad Sader

“3x Entrepreneur with exits, on-going stealth startup; passionate about solving problems through entrepreneurship”


About Me

I'm Fouad, and at a very young age, I learned that I love building things. It started with Lego bricks, and I soon discovered the many things that I could do with some paper and a measuring tape. I was fortunate to pick up the habit of serious reading at the age of 17, which I believe had a profound impact on my journey.

I started my career journey as a junior web designer in 2002. I later moved into marketing and account management positions working on advertising campaigns, guerilla marketing, and events.

At every job, I learned something new. Some were lessons in reality, such as dealing with dishonesty or politics. Others were professional experiences that were very different from what I learned in books.

In 2009, I answered the call to adventure and started my first business. It was a humble beginning full of lessons learned from mistakes and failure, yet filled with the joy of independence, the pleasure of rapid learning, and the building of unconquerable resilience.

Since then, I've been an entrepreneur, and I haven't looked back. If you believe we can solve some problems together, feel free to connect and drop me a message.

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Profile artwork for Fouad Sader
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