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“Author and researcher of ancient mysteries.”

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About Me

My fascination of ancient mysteries began in early childhood. As a young boy, I remember sitting in front of the television for hours watching the program "In Search of." I was intrigued by the mysteries history could not so easily explain away. How was the great pyramid constructed? Did Atlantis actually exist? Did our ancient ancestors interact with extraterrestrial beings?

My investigations into sacred sites and out of place artifacts have led me across the globe. I am author of the book, "The Red-Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave & Other Ancient Mysteries." Subjects I have researched include:

  • The Nephilim - The giants mentioned in the Bible.
  • Anomalous archaeological discoveries such as, giant human skeletons, the elongated skulls of Peru, unexplained artifacts such as the Ica Stones and Acambaro Figurines.
  • The little people of Native American tradition and the Flores Hobbit of Indonesia.

I have a B.S. degree in human development, and hold certifications in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic psychology.

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Profile artwork for Floyd Wills
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