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Eric Maynard

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About Me

E. A. Maynard had spent more years than he care to count traveling the United States of America and he had meet so many people that have help him have great adventures. The good and bad is what he draw from in his writing. He started off all these adventures in Ohio. In fact, Ohio was where he lived for over thirty years till he moved to the Washington DC area. Now he lives in Virginia a bit away from DC and that is how he likes it.

E. A. Maynard grew up in a small farm town in Northwest Ohio called Risingsun. It was a good and boring town when he was growing up. He was far from a saint, but when there is not much to do, a kid or teenager will find something to do. This led him to being very mischievous and took that well into being an adult. He also liked being that way.

E.A. Maynard has become much more laid back now and lives a different kind of adventure. He is a husband and a father. His family has been a strong theme in his past and present, so you will see this in his writing.

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Profile artwork for Eric Maynard
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