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“My desire is to transform a generation scarred by shame and fear into powerful giant killers. To help them overcome bad family history.”

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About Me

When I was eight, my family's lost 27 relatives in the Jonestown Guyana Tragedy behind cult leader Jim Jones.

My AWARD WINNING first book, "Be A Giant Killer," was written to expose how our past or bad family history can bring shame to dwarf our dreams and potential.

I discovered the things left unresolved from our childhood (hurts, fears, anger, triggers, rejection, etc.) can be carried into our relationships as adults.

We transmit the traumas and fears we don't heal--The disappointments. Dysfunction. Resentments. The silencing of the little boy or girl inside of us--to the next generation.

As a healthcare advocate and expert, I know that physicians value family history immensely. As patients, we associate it with traditions and even DNA or characteristics, but doctors associate it with illnesses in our bloodline and give us probing questionnaires to fill out to identify them (e.g. Does anyone in your family have a history of HBP, diabetes, heart disease?).

I wrote Be A Giant Killer to heal survivors. Survivors of Jonestown and cults. Trauma. Bad decisions. Abusive leadership and bad family history. To transform a generation scarred by shame and fear into powerful giant killers. To help them become story tellers and accomplish the wildest dreams in their heart.

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