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Dr. Nicole Bradford

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“Growing up we had excitement for life, but as adults we tend to dim our flame for others. I believe in being Audaciously Authentic!”

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About Me

Dr. Nicole D. Bradford is energetic presenter that has overcome several challenges in her life including witnessing domestic violence as a child, workplace labels/limitations, supervising while young, and desiring success while being labeled and disliked by peers, and family members (both in-laws and outlaws). As a first-generation college graduate, and the youngest of six children she began her career working with disenfranchised youth and setting up programs to ensure their success. Dr. Bradford has been fortunate to work as a Professor, Vice President of Student Services, Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Campus Principal.

When we were all young, we had the spark and enthusiasm for life. As we transitioned from our childhood to the adult world we begin to conform and focused more on meeting everyone else's expectations rather than focusing on our own. Dr. Bradford is in the process of writing her next book "My Soul is NOT for sale". This book focuses on how we can break away from the Lies, Labels and Limitations and create the life you deserve.

Dr. Bradford's encourages everyone to focus on:

M - Shifting your Mindset

A - Taking Action while being Accountable

I - Be Intentional

N - Nurture yourself

T - Protect your time

A - You must be Authentic

I - Integrity sets you apart

N - No Regrets!

Be committed to Living an Audaciously Authentic Life!

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Profile artwork for Dr. Nicole Bradford
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