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Dr. Alexander S. Karapetov

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“I am a pro in business & innovation development, management consulting & executive coaching - worked & lived in 10+ countries, visiting 40+.”

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About Me

I am Alexander S. Karapetov, and I've recently turned 50. I didn't have any social media profiles when it became popular - just was extremely busy with my work and family and didn't want to waste my time. It is different now.

Since the "resume" is dead these days and public presence in everything, I created my LinkedIn account and have observed tremendous interest in my persona. Several of my followers said recently that I should arrange my own podcast and share my professional and personal views with the world.

I decided to come here and open myself to those who have already done the org part of the job and are interested in new, fresh and interesting perspectives on various subjects and this life in general.

Here is how I can provide a unique perspective on various topics and value to your audience. Check out who I am and what I've done:

✔ I've lived and worked in 10+ countries and visited over 40 countries of the Americas and Europe, Asia and the Pacific, the GCC region and Africa.

✦ I can talk about travelling, different local traditions and business cultures, etc.

✔ I established and successfully developed my own business when I was nineteen, I made a brilliant career within the United Nations (UNDP and UNIDO) and worked for nine governments and several leading non-government institutions.

✦ I can talk about all components of the economic and social development system

✔ I am a musician by my first education (conductor), Ph.D. in Economics, and martial arts practitioner, and have a solid knowledge of history, philosophy and literature. For over ten years of my professional career, I have dealt with strategic research and development, technology incubation and technology commercialization and transfer.

✔ I am an international economic development professional, expert in business and innovation development, management consultant and executive coach.

✔ I have an in-depth knowledge of the economic and political environment, business culture, and investment and technology markets in many international jurisdictions.

✦ I can talk about business and innovation, R&D and technology, global economics, as well as history, music and culture.

✔ For the last two years, I've been actively practicing executive and life coaching, helping in leadership and career development, communication/image improvement and relationship management.

✦ I can talk about executive coaching and many aspects of life coaching

Check out my LinkedIn profile and references:


I believe that I have had a unique blend of professional experiences and interesting personal life, and I will be happy to offer my expertise and share my point of view on various topics that represent an interest for podcasters.

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