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Don Mann

“Known. Needed. Loved. Bringing transformational messages that empower youth to thrive.”


About Me

Empowering messages that we are all known, needed, and loved.

I am a former law enforcement officer and security specialist with a national disaster medical team. I launched my speaking career in 1995 as a D.A.R.E. Officer.

I received many enforcement-related awards including a prestigious life-saving award in 1998.

I recently transitioned from leader to entrepreneur with the launch of my own successful business with my wife Angel.

In 2011, I attempted to end my life with the service weapon meant to protect it. Many factors contributed to my miraculous survival including the heroic first responders and emergency medical teams that saved me.

I now travel and share my story of hope, healing, and recovery while teaching those of all ages the value of self-care, emotional intelligence, and the confidence to live their truth.

My message to every adult that has influence over a child highlights their value and the opportunity to love with intentional impact.

My motto of #knownneededloved is rooted in my experience of getting a second chance to be the father my children deserve.

I bring encouragement and inspiration to parents through stories of pain that are now my platform. The message that everyone is known, needed, and loved creates a new perspective of hope and purpose.

You'll hear the immeasurable value in showing up, leaning in, and investing intentionally.

Being known, needed, and loved is the truth that brings an overflow of purpose and motivation to make today your best one yet. The truth is we are all known, needed, and loved.

You are exactly what this world needs.

Profile artwork for Don Mann
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