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“A rather skeptical look at conspiracies, mysteries and hoaxes.”

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About Me

Each episode examines conspiracy theories, most of which are not true, a few of which might be a little bit true and even a couple that turned out, in fact, to be true. This is the podcast that dares to look behind the curtain that's behind the curtain.

I'm an American writer from Northern California who now lives in Prague, Czech Republic. I am in the Central European time zone.

You should know that I cannot stand free form, desultory podcasts that seem to be more about the personalities involved than the topics under discussion. I've had rather a lot of experience in the conspiracy world and mindset, sadly, and can speak on a number of topics and issues related to specific "theories' or mysteries as well as some of what goes on in our minds to make us fall for this conspiracy theory or that one.

While I try to keep an open mind, I am a skeptic on 99% of this stuff - mainly because I've already traced the idea back to its origins and there is almost always either someone with an agenda, someone who need professional help, or who is trying to trick people in order to make a fast buck and/or gain some small modicum or fame.

While I have some sympathy for those who are living in delusional mental states, I loathe liars and scammers with a passion.

That's for the Conspiracy Clearinghouse podcast.

I also have one on Prague (where I live).

And I have a podcast about B2B organizational communications called Digital Signage Done Right, which has won some awards and I can also speak on some of those topics as well.

I will say that I am not especially interested in doing anything involving a webcam. I have one, but I prefer not to appear in person.

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Profile artwork for Derek DeWitt
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