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“I can show your guests how to combine storytelling, digital marketing, and empathy to make more money online.”

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About Me

I believe that successful small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs give people hope for a brighter future. Show topic ideas:

  • Advice for online businesses to sell more online through storytelling, digital marketing, and empathy.
  • Show entrepreneurs how to be more resilient, and reboot their businesses after a failed launch.
  • Show people how to find their "why" in order to maximize their joy at work.

I have made appearances on, and have been quoted and published in numerous publications including Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Nasdaq, American Marketing Association, Search Engine Journal, CBC, USA Today, and many others, including dozens of local radio and TV stations (NBC, CBS, Fox, WTOP, WROC, etc). I know that you can see the value that I can bring to your audience already, and we haven't even met!

With twenty years experience as a digital marketer, I sold my first ecommerce business in 2004. I now work as a digital marketing and operations consultant who helps small businesses and startups to drive traffic, conversion, and retention. I do this using tactics like SEO, paid search, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and storytelling. I also build amazing teams and systems. 

What makes my approach different is that I look to build rapport at every touchpoint along the customer journey in ways that you would only expect to work with in-person communications. You can imagine how shocking this concept would be to your listeners. Let me unshock them with you.

I have 10,000 followers on Twitter, and 5,000 followers on LinkedIn.

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Profile artwork for Dennis Consorte
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