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“Break free from the “Not Good Enough Syndrome! Help your audience overcome feelings of inadequacy and supercharge their self-confidence.”

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About Me

Denise Garrett is on a mission to help people overcome what she calls the “Not Good Enough Syndrome.” After cracking the code on what really causes people to feel like they aren’t good enough, she developed a systematic approach that helps people overcome feelings of inadequacy and supercharge their self-confidence…

Even in the midst of challenging situations, (like a divorce, breakup, job loss, illness or injury)…

Even though the world seems full of messages that indicate you’re not good enough…

Even when being criticized…

Even if you are struggling to reach your goals and feel like giving up.

Denise’s mission began with one simple question, “How do we stop all of the violence in our world?”

What caused her to focus on ending violence and what does it have to do with the Not Good Enough Syndrome?

Denise was heartbroken by her parent’s constant, bitter arguing where they launched hurtful words at each other as if it were World War III and their words were the nuclear weapons that would destroy their enemy. Try as she did, Denise was not able to end their incessant fighting.

Added to that, she was never able to meet their expectations which left Denise feeling like she wasn’t good enough.

This feeling intensified when she realized she was gay --- and part of a family and church that condemned her for being so. Things got so bad, she contemplated suicide.  

Then one day, she realized that underneath every act of violence – be it negative self-talk, harmful gossip, hurtful criticisms, bullying, and even a war, it usually starts because someone feels threatened by the perception that they aren’t good enough…or that there’s not enough to go around.

Denise has dedicated her life to solving the mystery of why so many of us struggle with feeling like we aren’t good enough. Her personal and professional path led her to develop her proven, systematic approach to finally breaking free from the “Not Good Enough Syndrome.” She calls this proprietary approach the Emotional Freedom Mastermind.


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Profile artwork for Denise Garrett
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