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“Realist. Curiosity Hound. Creative Being. Recovered perfectionist. Sharing value & what I've learned in my 'be real-find freedom' life.”

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Realist meets curiosity hound meets recovered perfectionist. Extreme Doodle Activist meets Inner Wilderness Guide. I like rocks. A lot. Which I find quite funny as I now live where there are NO rocks. The Be Real- Find Freedom journey I'm on is more than an adventure. It's not a destination but a way to travel. Curiosity fuels my attitude, informing my slightly contrarian interpretation of life. Truthfully, Creativity is at the root of my be-ing. It's at the root of yours too. Creativity isn't something you do... like fine arts or crafts, design or music. It's how you do life. It's how you bring into being that which never existed before. Showing up in every single step we take, every single day, it's the core fingerprint inking our unique and singular presence on planet earth. • I love where I live. l live below a hill, below a hill on a Saskatchewan lake in the Canadian Boreal Forest. A big fan of functional physics (aka how Mother Earth gets her groove on) I draw on the wisdom of nature, the Law of Resonance and Universal Laws for guidance, entertainment and insight. • Intuitive Listener. I don't lead with intuition, hunt it down or down or wear it on my sleeve. I prefer to make room for it to pop up unexpectedly. That way we can all be delighted by its presence. I like to keep my hands and mind busy, my creative soul satisfied and wear a few hats at the same time. •Guiding wholehearted, courageous, beings committed to releasing the way they believed they should show up in the world as and for themselves. Partnering with who are ready to take action in authentically groovy ways so the they can show up as themselves and SHINE. •Use a Nuts, Bolts and Creative Soul approach when working with others. Most of us think thoughts that are too small for us, dream dreams that are too small for us and hide in places that keep us small. Not because we are small thinkers. Nope. uh-uh. Because we are Big Soulful Thinkers. Showing up as ourself to bring our ambitions to life can be scary as All Hell. • Ingenious, just a tad stubborn, I'm a Doodle Activist,lLover of Good Wit, a little clumsy, a little boho, a little too fond of cinnamon buns. I'm an Inner Wilderness Guide. Thinker-Doer-Creative Being and living proof that you can find success without sandblasting your soul. • Long time Creative Entrepreneur, professional Floral Designer, Field Scale Organic farmer, artist, Martha Beck Certified Coach | Business Coach & Mentor | Master Creativity Coach, spouse and fun grandmother are a few of those hats I claim as my own. From my almost wilderness home on the edge of the Boreal forest, I am a witness to those who want to make sense of where they are in life, safely navigate the messy middle and claim their own best groove as they bring their ambitions to life without sandblasting their soul. Meet me in the intersection of mindset, ambition and creative soul. PS- Bring rocks.

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Profile artwork for Dawn Kotzer
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