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“David is a passionate earth lover and spiritual teacher. He teaches how magic and ancient wisdom are essential for healing our world”

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"David grew up in the hill country south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. in the 1960s and 70s. As an empath, he was stigmatized for his sensitivity in an insensitive world. This brought anxiety and confusion around who he was and what gifts he carried.

He studied science and microbiology for many years to understand what was beneath the surface of life. This can be seen as one path to understand truth against the falsehoods of world commercial systems (a Druid mission if ever there was one!)

In the 80’s, he received a master’s degree (M.S.) in microbiology from North Carolina State University and a Ph.D. in food microbiology from Cornell University.   

In the late 90s, he began to question his continued commitment to study science and wondered if there was a truer path ahead. He began to wake up to the hidden world, not of microbes, but of life beyond the veil! In other words, he had a pre-mid-life awakening.       

By 2014, Malidoma Some, noted African Shaman and author, proclaimed David as a Seer of the Unseen.” As David developed his extraordinary clairvoyant gift, he has used this gift to explore the mysterious and magical world of sacred sites. He eventually found his connection to the ancient people of Ireland and Scotland. This included the Bird Tribes, the ancient mythological Tuatha de Danann (tribe of the goddess Dana), and the spiritual and nondual teachings of the Celtic Goddess and Saint Brigid. 

He has since visited many unknown worlds and sites in America and has a deep understanding of how the mystical world is connected, bridging mystical sites in Europe and America with healing potential and liberation from false realities.

Once he experienced this ancient reality, he knew that his calling was to bring ancient wisdom teachings to others that our Earth and humanity needs to become the vital, healthy New Earth that we so desire to live on. We must go back to the beginning when people understood their connection to the Earth and all living things. We can change the world through learning the ancient teachings and skills that humanity embodied before we made a mess of things. In other words, we have to start over again and absorb the teachings of the Ancient Ones.

David's first book, entitled "Where Heaven and Earth Meet: Stories of Healing, Magic and Remembrance" is due out in early 2023.


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Profile artwork for David Winters
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