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“David is s highly effective communicator with unmatched experience. His passion is to unleash the potential in everyone he serves.”

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About Me

David C. Lee is a coach, author, entrepreneur & speaker who has honed his skills as an operator, motivator, & mentor in a 30-year career in business, police, military & paramilitary organizations. He has built, managed & sold million-dollar businesses, has had his feet on the ground in many many high-risk situations & has helped countless people move through their own fears and doubts.

David has worked with numerous organizations and individuals & drills down to the core issues of what holds an organization or individual back. He has been to some of the most darkest & scariest places both physically and emotionally and uses those experiences to help his many clients.

David is also the host of the podcast Dreamers Believers & High Achievers where each episode he dives in with incredible entrepreneurs and ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  

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Profile artwork for David C. Lee
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