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Daniel Bustamante

“I talk about trading, short-selling and finding absolute return above all else. Managing Partner DeltaOne LP, trader at Spectra Capital LLC”


About Me

Daniel Bustamante is the founder of The LongVol and the creator and editor of The LongVol Report® as well as head of DeltaOne our flagship product.

He started his career at the age of twenty with Charles Schwab & Co. as one of the firms youngest hires at the time. He went on to become a proprietary futures trader, analyst and became a portfolio manager at a L/S hedge fund at the age of twenty-nine. 

He’s been featured in Phoenix Business Journal, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and Forbes. He is a fan of Formula One, boxing and surfing when he is in Puerto Rico where he spends half of his year. 

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Profile artwork for Daniel Bustamante
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