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“Non-fiction author, novelist, independent thinker, avid sci fi reader, and armchair philosopher.”

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About Me

I am currently in discussions with a publisher about my book. This book documents the growing phenomenon of individuals and couples exploring hypnosis for sexual health, personal growth, kink, and erotic entertainment. I draw on scientific research in sexual health, hypnotherapy, personal development, cognitive science, and interpersonal communication to discuss how thoughts (mindsets) and experiences shape your sexuality. Combining this with an analysis of several hypnotists' techniques, I show readers how to engage in self-directed personal growth (or shared growth with a lover) while exploring a variety of erotic activities. You can read the synopsis and an annotated TOC here.

I was one of the early pioneers of erotic hypnosis, the first to produce a commercial recording for women. I began practicing in 1998, set up my web site, Hypnotic Dreams in 2000, and produced my first recording in 2002. I have since written and produced 28 audio files. (I voiced 23 of them), ranging from vanilla seduction scenarios and D/s obedience training to paranormal romance and erotic horror. My first recordings received highly positive reviews in The Erotic Woman and Oysters&Chocolate. And my CD The Ultimate Kiss was nominated for AVN's 'O' Award for Outstanding Innovation in the Pleasure Products Industry. Also provided guest posts on SubmissiveGuide and Hypnotic Erotica.

I've also written and self-published two BDSM crime novels, Redemption for the Hypnotist, and The Pygmalion Hypnotist. (Yes, I know those titles suck. Apparently my pen name was even worse, but it's too late to change them. Shows how little I know about book marketing) And I have two sci-fi novels in the works.

Like many writers, I tend to block out the world when I'm writing. So it's been a few years since I did any kind of networking or spoke on a radio show. But as of Sept, 2022, I'm raising the periscope and looking around, and maybe looking for a little help networking.

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Profile artwork for Daniel A.
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