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“The Best Hybrid Work Strategies: Success in the Post-Pandemic Corporate World/CSAA HR Officer Offers Insight”


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Many leading CEOs have taken aim at remote work this year, citing a need to return to the office to boost productivity. These decisions are putting management at odds with employees who have come to consider working from home a favorite perk that they don’t want to give upo.  

I would like to offer CSAA Chief Human Resources Officer Melissa Jones to speak on how to maximize productivity, employee satisfaction and the bottom line with a hybrid work environment.  

CSAA Insurance Group (CSAA) embraces a hybrid work model to provide flexibility in how and where employees work, with 87% of employees permanently working remotely. The hybrid model is paying off for CSAA: 

  • CSAA saw a record influx of 30,000 applicants in 2023, which was more than the previous five years combined.  
  • CSAA’s employee footprint has expanded across 41 U.S. States, broadening the group’s access to the top talent across the country.  
  • Employee get-togethers within regional hubs across the U.S. allow remote employees to engage with colleagues located within neighboring states.  
  • CSAA offers training and education programs online which are accessible to remote employees to advance their careers. 

Tips she can also offer your listeners:  

  • How to measure the productivity of hybrid workers  
  • The environmental benefits of working from home 
  • The work life balance from hybrid workplaces 
  • The increase in employee retention from the hybrid model  

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