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“I am just a nerd who loves being a comedian, podcasting, video games and most of all movies.”

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About Me

Hi everyone!! My name is Christopher. I am a man of many creative hats. I’ve been making people awkwardly laugh on many stages as a stand up comedian for the last 10 years under the stage name Christopher James. 

Currently I am a horror movie reviewer and horror movie article writer at Macabre Daily. As a horror movie fan since I was 5, I have a lot of knowledge of past and current horror movies. Be sure to look for articles on

I also host a horror podcast called “I Love Horror” where o like to talk to people in the horror community and find out what there favorite scary movies are.

I also have been a host/producer for the “In Movie Nerds We Trust” podcast for over 7 years. My podcast is based on recommending movies for nights when you’re not quite sure what to watch. As a huge movie fan myself I love talking movies with anyone.

Personal life wise, I am a child abuse survivor, I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depersonalization and depression due to past trauma. I use the creative and fun things I enjoy to live life to the fullest.


- Geek/Pop Culture

- Streaming 

- Mental Health Advocate

- Social Media & Branding

- Movies

- Video Games (Pokémon, Nintendo Switch & PS4 Games)

- Podcasting

- Content Creating

- Freelance Writing (Blogs/Articles)

- Stand Up Comedy

Let’s connect and chat. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and chat about our shared interests.

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Profile artwork for Christopher Boise
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