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“Was addicted to porn, struggled & overcame! Prosecuted for felonies...hard lessons & and now I have built several successful businesses.....”

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About Me

“When you find yourself as a part of something greater than your own selfish ambitions, you don’t get muddled up in the day-to-day things of life, and you create a work habit. That consistent work habit creates emotional stability, which makes this journey a whole lot simpler,” I have said of the incredible impact that mentorship and positive association have had on my life.

I am just excited about life. I am someone that was NOT "born" with a sales mentality & a business mindset and so I had to learn everything from scratch. 

👌 I spent almost 8 years "finding my way". During that time I consumed almost 4,000 hours of Marketing, Business, Sales & Philosophy videos, audio & books. Helping myself earn the highest honorable degree of "KICK IN THE BUTT & KEEP GOING STYLE".

🤣 I am a man that worked freakin' hard at many different avenues from Financial Services, Direct Sales, Inside Sales, Business owner of a Beverage Company & finally now into my new passion!

👍 For most of my life I was raised in a divorce home (at least the part I remember). Divorce had a huge impact in my life & I believe that is part of the reason I am the way I am. I really believe that I am on a mission to raise the next generation of LEADERS, men & women, who are making Character Based Decision & Integrity based decisions. That we can train the next Generation of Leaders who does what IS right, not what FEELS right. (BTW. There is a difference)  

🛑 DON'T get caught in the INFO Product Circle....the circle of buying all the new info products but still never get any results for your online business or side hustle! 

I didn’t make it very far down that path before I realized that it wasn’t for me—that I was missing something fundamental. That fundamental element that I was lacking just so happened to be mentorship. Luckily for me, I had grown up in a household that valued positive associations.

 I fought hard to be taken seriously and for the chance to be coached & mentored.

Because I was given the opportunity to be mentored by such outstanding people, I feel that I now have the responsibility—and the privilege—to pay it forward.

We have helped hundreds of couples & families develop a side hustle hat get's results & coach them along the way to become profitable!  

💕 You have two choices in life ..... 

stay on the path you are on = poor & forever hurting in financial struggle 😭


😎 Build a side hustle = freedom, financial stability, security 


I am known for the quote of:

💣"My goal is NOT to change people because we can't, my GOAL is to INSPIRE others to change by living my life to the fullest" 

- Christian D. Evans

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