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“Chris is a high-ticket mastermind launch advisor to business subject matter experts. Market. Monetize. Lead.”

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About Me

I’m Chris. I spend most of my time raising our five kids, exploring world communities, and trying my hand at adventures like shark diving, ice climbing, running ultra marathons, and riding electric skateboards:) 

In my spare time, I work with entrepreneurial and business experts, speakers, coaches, and leaders helping them market, monetize, and lead their own high-ticket mastermind (or group coaching) programs. 

As the world continues to shift, many experts are trying to build high-ticket groups for additional income, lead generation, or impact. I love, Love, LOVE teaching experts how to generate leads, close high-ticket deals, and build strong, transformational groups. I have my own digital agency, lead two masterminds of my own, and have learned many of these lessons the hard way, so sharing my journey and offering strategies to avoid the problems I had to overcome is why I’m here. 

We are all in this together. How can I support you and your audience?

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Profile artwork for Chris Williams
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